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According to today’s Telegraph Londoners will spend an average of £43.30 EACH in the run up to this weekend’s Valentine’s Day – Collectively throughout the entire UK a whopping £1.6bn is spent on gifts and treats!

Seems even the penny pinchers manage to pull a little something out of the bag to satisfy their loved ones, or at the very least, to avoid the possibility of receiving the cold shoulder on potentially such a ‘hot night’?

Here are some inexpensive but very thoughtful ways to treat your partner this Valentine’s day…

Memory Lane

Plan to discuss meaningful happy memories that you both share. Perhaps the first time that you met, a humorous event, the day you got engaged etc…all of these memories should conjure up warm nostalgic memories and get your partners endorphins flowing just nicely.

Double Indulge

Treat each other to a massage! Put the kids to bed, get those sweet smelling oils and towels out and treat each other to at least a 20 min massage. Doing the massage first is always a good idea because then you get to enjoy your massage last, relax and enjoy the rest of your night.

Home or Away?

Surprise your lover -You could book a break and stay locally or do something romantic at home, wait for them to come home and spring your surprise. Whatever you do spend it together and make them feel special.

Dress Up & Turn Up

Whether at home or away, make an effort…have a shave & shower and put on something sexy. Make sure you smell gorgeous and get close and personal with your partner. Need we say more?

Get Personal

Put something thoughtful and meaningful together like a photo album highlighting all your best events and moments together to date. You can do this in hard copy or digitally form. If you do this digitally you may also consider putting together lots of home vids? 100% Guaranteed to get a smile (and maybe a little something else).

Get a Room

Whether in the privacy of your own home or a nice hotel spend some REAL undivided uninterrupted time together, leave the kids with the sitter, put your phones on silent, forget about work or jobs around the house, crack a bottle of bubbly and just be together in that moment enjoying each other’s company – Invaluable.

 Cook a special meal

Make an effort to put together your lover’s favourite foods, desserts, beverages and snacks. Tweak it a bit by making heart shaped foods such as pancakes. Eat together while chilling in bed and let the rest of the night dictate itself!

Design a Heart shaped Voucher Style booklet

This booklet could state that you will promise to do certain chores around the house for X amount of time in exchange for something like TV time, as a matter of fact the type of favours that you or your partner could exchange and redeem is left entirely up to your imagination! *wink wink.

Buy your partner precious and invaluable TIME.

If you just can’t be bothered to or don’t know how to cover those jobs in and around the house to put a smile on your partners face, why not purchase a Gift Voucher by the Lifestyle Management Company which can then be redeemed for a variety of Services from Household Management right though to Pampering arrangements. That way the hassle is taken out of your hands and both you and your partner get to enjoy it!…it’s your Valentine’s Day too.

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