Tattoos…The Good, The Bad & The Down Right Ludicrous.

Written by Sheryl Myers

09 November 2015


We all have varied opinion’s on ‘tatts’; From those that think they’re the devils work, to those that don’t mind the odd one or two, right through to those that become completely hooked and just keep adding more & more. From the stereotypes, to the cost, to the PAIN, there is a lot to consider but one thing that can’t be argued is that tattoos can be very much down to personal choice. Check out the best of the bunch;

‘The Good’ (& by good I mean I wouldn’t necessarily go this far personally but I can certainly see the creativity and effort gone into to it type of ‘good’)


Say Cheese!! Haa Haa. This lady took picture-taking to a whole new level. All that’s missing is a mirror behind her, which captures the reflection of her picture taking a picture of her picture of the camera on her arm. #ultimateselfie? This is certainly creative and if nothing else this is definitely unique.


Ok…so I wasn’t just looking at the tattoo. With all of that action hero type sheek going on, plus the intricate attention to detail this tattoo had to feature. NICE.


This one’s a classic… the good old tiger, lion or panther. Whilst not so original anymore, when done well I think this kind of tattoo remains timeless.


The white ink tattoo is very much the latest in tattoo trends, some of which I think can look amazing. My only gripe with this kind is that some can look as though you’ve attempted (& failed) at laser tattoo removal. I’m 50/50 with this one.


I think that this one is really colourful and feminine. A lot of time would have gone into those intricately drawn feathers and small birds. It’s so nice that I think the tattoo artist may have even signed his/her name underneath.


‘The Bad’


Seriously??? This guy is clearly delirious from doing toooo much of something!! How is this allowed? How do you meet and greet people? What about family functions bro??? I’ve got nothing more to say [smh].


Now, surely this is an abomination to the Hip Hop genius that once was. I honestly didn’t know whether to chuckle or to cry at first. Then I tried to file a complaint – no I didn’t really, but seriously this is just sheer disrespect to the man…R.I.P Tup’s.


“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard… and there like…WD*???” This guy must have been highly intoxicated when he got this tattoo done. It must have been a dare on a very messy night out, but really funny for the rest of us none the less. I bet he’s that pole dancing guy on the construction site from the money supermarket ad. He can really move though!! Lol.


Do you think?? And you just keep on making them. I’m sure this seemed fitting to his situation at the time and I don’t doubt whether it is even true BUT…did you have to make a lifelong declaration across the back of your neck like that?? Next time just send her a text.


OMD!! Three words…Very Silly Boy! This guy took ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ to a whole new dimension. It looks like he fell asleep and his little cousins ran a mock with some felt tip. He actually went to a tattoo parlour, made the above request AND paid someone to do it?? Say no more.


‘The Ludicrous’


WOW!!!! Now I don’t like to judge anyone but what the hell was he thinking??!! Or should I say, was he ever thinking?? He has no space left to fit anymore tattoo’s on his entire body. What will he do next? Ask a friend to have a few tattoos on his behalf? He’s completely covered his entire head with a game of checkers. Surely, this guy has to work in a tattoo parlour, as I’m not sure that he’s quite ready for any other kind of customer interfacing type of work.


Yes this IS real, your eyes DO NOT deceive you. This guy was spotted on a Californian beach sunbathing and…yes…you guessed it, eating fast food. The exact type of fast food that he so happily advertises all over his junk food induced body, oh…the irony!


When he told the tattoo artist of his sexy spider-woman fantasy where she’d turn up un-announced, just in her mac and manolo’s, ravish his body and then sit on his face…. perhaps he didn’t quite communicate that vision quite so well?. I literally couldn’t think of any other explanation for this, can you?? [smh].


“My friends all said that it would look really nice.. you know… like bring out the colour in my eyes”…NOOOOO! I know eyebrows are all the rage right now and could possible even have their own ‘Good, Bad, Ludicrous’ segment but what the heck was she thinking?? This look ridiculous, the tattoos don’t even seem professionally done and did she really (and will she continuously need to) shave her eyebrows completely off to achieve this look! Next time just try good old eyebrow powner love, it’s a much cheaper alternative AND you can get a full refund if you change you mind and you’re aren’t happy.


Dollar Dollar Bill Ya’ll!!!.. You know right from the off that this guy is as BROKE as hell!!! He probably borrowed the money to pay the (not so steady with his/her hands) tattoo artist to tattoo dollar bill signs all around his mouth?? You just get the impression that his mother whopped the last of the dimes out of his pockets when he got back home looking like that. And, I can’t even identify what the heck that is tattooed around his chin? Some people just take YOLO way too far.


The morale of this story is, if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, think first and if you decide to go ahead then do it for the right reasons. A tattoo is for life not just for Christmas, so remember to choose wisely 🙂