Rising Stars That’ll Tickle You Pink!

Written By Sheryl Myers for LMCo.

Oct 2015

So me and a couple of girlfriends are having a midweek catch up around at my mine and we end up, in between natter, vaguely watching snippets and laughing at the comedians on The ‘BBC’s Live at the Apollo’. It very quickly occurs to us in conversation that this industry has a seriously bleak representation of women comedians.
So we start to name the few British female comedians that we can think of off the top of our heads and find ourselves stumped after just 4 names.
So having delved and short-listed quite a bit, here is our Top 10 MOST FUNNIEST British ‘up and coming’ Female Stand-Up Comedians;

10. Lucy Porter
Lucy is tiny and bold, cracking jokes about the fabulous and gritty everyday life of living in London. Her topics are ‘on the money’ joking about, family, dating, transportation, people raising children and the general pros & cons of life. This London lass is a little fire cracker.

9. Suzzi Ruffell
This feisty lady is well spoken and packs a punch! Openly gay Suzzi often jokes about ‘coming out’ and people’s attitudes towards different relationships, ageism, sexism, family and work. She has a strong stage presence, which will make you chuckle and we definitely recommend a watch.

8. Shappi Khorshandi
This entertaining Iranian-Brit cracks jokes about growing up and being different, social acceptance, sexism and good ole British tolerance amongst other things. Her humour is witty and quick and there’s probably not much you can say to offend her…talk about a true British sense of humour. This tough cookie is definitely worth a watch.

7.Thanyia Moore

We love Thanyia’s earthy part street part well-spoken London accent. She has a real stage presence and interaction with her audience and jokes about a range of things such as the trials and tribulations of relationships, being single at 30, interracial relationships and growing up in her school to name a few things. She tours throughout Europe and is part of the ‘open mike’ sessions, this girl is on the up! She has a real gritty ‘in your face’ unique presence that people seem to really warm and respond well to. You go girl!

6. Luisa Omielan
Luisa is a strong pro-female comedian who regularly gets undressed and prances around her audience in the name of being proud about being a woman and the varied differences in body sizes and shapes. She very cleverly and ironically denounces the typical self-deprecating mannerisms and attitudes of the brits and encourages ‘bitches’ to upgrade themselves. With such quick wit and awkward near naked entertainment even the biggest prude would be hard pushed not to crack a smile.

5. Andi Osho
Andi is a sassy lady of Nigerian decent and often cracks jokes about the peeks and troffs of growing up in Britain with a traditionally Nigerian family. She very openly jokes about the day to day cultural and social differences between different groups of people in and around Britain and has a very quirky typically British self-deprecating sense of humour. Sometimes her jokes lead off on a tangent adlibbing into another humorous realm before having to rain herself in. She has a great presence and audience participation is guaranteed.

4. Josephine Lacey
British born Josephine is a mixed Irish and Jamaican descendant, she has a hilariously raw sense of humour which is definitely for 18+  viewing only. Often her jokes are centred on her own personal family matters, dating and sexual encounters. Josephine curses and explicitly describes her life experiences growing up but mostly in the present moment being a mum and a ‘gilf’. If you can handle it, this is funny and unrefined humour at its best.

3. Nina Benjamin
This big, loud and proud Londoner is simply a laugh a second. She’s passionate, raw and in your face. She jokes in between her jokes and keeps her audience fully engaged throughout. She jokes about being a big girl, men and sex to name a few. She curses and switches up her accents brilliantly and has he audience absolutely on the edge of their seats ready for the punchline to drop.

2. Diane Spencer
If you plan to just watch one of her vids for a few mins just to see a couple of jokes to decide whether she’s funny it’s not going to happen- You’ll be hooked! She seems to start off slow sometimes and at first could seem somewhat unsure of herself but don’t be fooled, she just explodes with hilarious controversial humour that almost makes you wonder whether you should be listening! With shows like ‘Lost in the mouth specific’ and ‘exquisite bad taste’ the profanity way exceeds what you’d expect from such a lovely looking red head and the subjects range from graffiting her blind friends guide dog through to having to thank her smug ‘male friend’ for an orgasm. Her fantastically raw story telling ability will take you on a very visual and side splitting journey of her life experiences, some of which you will (un-admittedly) relate to. This girl is full of ‘wit, charm and filth’ and we highly recommend a watch.

1. Judi Love
This East End girl simply put comedy back on the map! Absolutely Hilarious from the get go with jokes pertaining to her own personal experiences, Judi takes the audience into her world through clever audience interaction, brilliant facial and body expressions that brings the imminent and hilarious punchline very much to life, leaving her audience cracking up with laughter. With her big stage presence, she captivates her crowd from the get go, joking about a wide range of subjects from the dating scene right through to politics, often via her regular online vlogs. With shows like ‘Comedy on the hill with Majah Hype’, regular stand up shows and is often seen alongside the male dominated world of comedians such as Axel Blake and Dizzle Comedian, this girl knows how to hold her own. This chick is truly a rising star and we dare you to try not to laugh along with her. We predict great success for her in 2016…definitely recommend a watch!