Kids Games Making Party

By Montana Beveney for LMCo.


Is it me or can every child smell the games stored away on your phone?

“Do you have games on your phone?” “Can I play that game on your phone?”

“I’m bored; do you have any games that I can play?”


Which has you wondering after all of their questions did I actually buy my phone to entertain lack-lustred little ones?


If a youngster that you know LOVES games more than Haribos and is interested in making their own game, then sign them up for a Games Making Party!….

Did I hear someone say parttayyy?!!! #Whahooooo lol. Erm yeah, but it’s not that type of party;


The Kids Games Making Party by The Lifestyle Management Company is a fun and interactive course designed for the gaming geeks aged 4 to 7 years, with familiar characters such as Minecraft, Frozen and Star Wars your little ones will be fully engaged …guaranteed!

Courses take place every Saturday 11:00am—12:00 noon at Krazy Kidz Fun Forest (inside Costa Coffee E4 7BJ) OR within our modern and welcoming Training Hub, Unit 12, 49/51 Village Arcade, Station Rd E4 7DA  and must be booked in advance to confirm the venue and to secure a place.


The aim of the course over 3 Saturdays is to collectively work through 15 fun puzzles and decide on the best course of action to bring the game to life, whilst secretly learning the basics of coding such as ‘left/right’, ‘up/down’, ‘when/run’ commands.

Children gain points and prizes throughout including a range of skills in an interactive and fun environment;


By enrolling your child on this course they will gain the following transferable skills;


Visual: The use of the projector/computer screen and colourful party content.



Audio: With the direction of the Trainer, the children will participate in listening and learning to the games objectives such asHow to Sheer a Sheep’ using basic English coupled with basic computer code commands, individually and collectively solving the problems to the puzzles in a fun environment.



Read/Write: Each child will be given their very own party workspace and use their own code commands to decide on the outcome of the each puzzle. Gradually moving onto more tricky puzzles over the 3 sessions, using English, problem solving, reasoning, sound, colours, social skills and basic maths.



Kinaesthetic: Using the surprise party bags provided kids will utilise the ‘surprise’s found inside the bag and add them to the party workspace to further problem solve through each puzzle on the screen. Additionally, wherever possible,  children are given the opportunity to interact further and build their confidence by using the main projector to click through and move the mouse and code commands into the relevant workspaces and ‘Run’ the final puzzle to watch their very own game come to life!



For a small fee of just £4.00 per session, your child could be the future of the gaming world.


Did you know that Computer Coding is now a part of the National Curriculum?

Secure your child’s place in advance, places go fast: Call us on 020 8529 8040 or email





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